Holly Hutchison joins vVents as SVP of Music & Entertainment

20. February 2018

Orlando, Florida— 2/20/2018 — We are excited to announce that Holly Hutchison Weinman has been appointed SVP of Music & Entertainment and will handle the music business for vVents. “Holly is an unique addition to our team as she has both an impressive background in music and deep experience in video streaming. We are very happy to partner with her” said vVents CEO Ferdinand Mück.

Holly Hutchison Weinman is a seasoned music industry executive with over thirty years of successful entrepreneurial and corporate experience. Her extensive network of music business professionals emanates from decades of first hand relationships through her high level executive positions with Atlantic Records/Time Warner and Capitol Records/EMI. Throughout her career she has had mentors of legendary status and accomplishment. These individuals have been responsible for developing and bringing to the world the most memorable recording artists of our time.

A pioneer in the cyber and digital world of marketing technology, Holly titled herself a cyber publicist in 1995. She explored different methods of online marketing through posting and creating contests on AOL message boards, internet newsgroups and forums as well as cross marketing artists in chat rooms. During this time. Holly produced one of the first ever live stream concert events. This unique event was transmitted live from the legendary night club, The Troubadour, located in West Hollywood, in Los Angeles. California.

Holly is a bloodhound when it comes to finding platforms and new streams of revenue as resolution to the challenging and ever dwindling income resources for today’s recording artists. She has a visionary passion to discover and understand new digital platforms and then apply that latest technology as obvious mainstream marketing methods in the branding of established music icons and cultivating of new talent.

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