Louisiana Democratic party to use Vampaign for True Blue Gala

17. May 2018

Orlando, Florida— 3/6/2018 — The Louisiana Democratic party is excited to team up with vVENTS to live stream the True Blue Gala, one of the largest Democratic events of the year, and help make sure everyone can participate.

This year’s True Blue Gala on May 19th will feature former governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe as the keynote speaker as well as honoring other Louisiana legislative heroes. Working with vVENTS will allow democrats from across the country to tune in and celebrate legislators who are working to make real change for the future.
Using the blue print to build the future.

Terry McAuliffe is a life-long entrepreneur and made a name for himself in Virginia working to make economic opportunity a right and not just a privilege. Using vVENTS, the True Blue Gala is looking to make sure that the ideals that the democratic party and McAuliffe has championed get maximum exposure during this vital time. McAuliffe ensured Virginia’s economy was strong, while dropping unemployment to a 44-year low. His administration created thousands of jobs that resulted in 20 billion being cycled back in its communities. Other notable achievements include fighting to end veteran homelessness, furthering women’s access to healthcare, and working to reform the judicial system.

The Louisiana Democratic Party is excited to bring McAuliffe to Baton Rouge as he continues to uphold the values of democrats from across the nation. With the use of the vVents platform, the True Blue Gala is sure to reach farther than it has in the past. Those unable to attend the event in person will still have the opportunity to feel they are a part of the event and contribute in a meaningful way.

Vampaign hosts TRUE BLUE GALA
The event will be held on May 19th on https://lademo.vvents.com/

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