vVents.com LLC secures seed funding and becomes Streamkast

03. February 2020

Orlando, Florida – February 3rd, 2020 – vVents.com LLC announces today that it has secured significant seed funding and will incorporate under the name Streamkast going forward. vVENTS employees and intellectual property will be transferred to Streamkast.

Based in Heathrow, Florida, vVENTS integrates the monetization of video livestream and social computing on a platform as a service that allows its clients to sell goods and services in an “Event”. The PaaS solution is developed and hosted in the cloud and provides enterprises, social influencers, and retailers with a tool that uses live and produced video to optimize sales.

Video streaming capabilities and advanced functions will continue to be the top priority at Streamkast. “With this new funding and restructuring, we’re enhancing our collaboration offerings and improving the user experience by integrating livestream, e-commerce, and social technologies within the business applications we are developing,” said Joseph Delucci, Head of Marketing, Streamkast. “Furthermore, the integration with vVENTS will drive additional sales and revenue channels for organizations that adopt our technology.”

Livestream monetization and commerce is one of Streamkast’s four company priorities and represents what Streamkast believes to be a total addressable market of over $100 billion. vVENTS software will be integrated into a variety of Streamkast’s livestream offerings including Lawkast and Medikast, platforms that allow attorneys and doctors to engage with clients and patients in a remote face to face virtual office. For example, users will be able to offer clients the opportunity to have consultations and patients follow up visits in lieu of driving to a unique physical office.

“With this seed funding we are allowing the vVENTS developers and team to further pursue and enhance the codebase and intellectual property we have already developed and successfully launched,” said Ernest Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, vVENTS.com LLC. Streamkast will continue to expand our livestream architecture to change the way businesses work and take products to market.”

Financial terms are undisclosed.