Vampaign – Campaign and fundraise at any time and any place!

In any election, it is vital for candidates to rally their supporters, convey key messages, and maximize contributions. With Vampaign you can virtually organize and target your constituents across any geography at any time in a customized personal setting. Host a virtual campaign event for up to 1,000,000 supporters hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever! Donations are just a few clicks away!

Leverage our technology to make the difference in your race today!



alantu – Leverage your direct sales with live video events!

Our technology allows you to invite your guests to exciting live video events that stimulate impulse purchases: display what is going on in 4x HD cameras, interact & chat with the participants and sell products directly during event with a single click!
As each live video event can be tailored to your needs, the possbilities are endless. Complement home sales events digitally, leverage sold-out concerts or showcase your newest products. It can all be done with a few clicks!

Alantu brings the power of live TV into your hands.


Ophila- Put your church in everyone’s hands!

Ophila is the seamless integration of live HD video streaming, chat and e-commerce – tailored to churches, foundations, non-profit organizations, etc. Broadcast your message worldwide and generate in-event contributions to grow your base. Engage with your community on a global scale on any smart device. Set-up your customized live video presence with a couple of clicks rather than operating complicated tools for live streaming, online giving and event scheduling. Ophila makes live video so much more powerful for your cause!