Live Video & Interactive Chat

Conduct a live event in which your guest can follow along via video stream and chat to each other. Complement the HD experience on any pervasive device with event activities like shopping, polls, quizzes or other mini-games. Make it fun!


In Event Shopping

Use the excitement of the moment during your live event to stimulate impulse purchases. We are partnering with most advanced shopping systems available today to facilitate a quick and frictionless buying experience for hard goods, in-app purchases or downloads. We can handle anything from a T-Shirt, kitchen aid, music download or event recording. Let’s get your merchandise sold in the perfect setting!


Leads & Data

Collect e-mail addresses for your newsletter and other client information via mini-conversions. We will asks for the desired pieces of information and forward them to you – according to your desired data protection policy guidelines.


Viral event loop

Turn your guest into future hosts. Hosts can earn shoppings credits by inviting guest to their parties and converting them into sales. Shopping credits can then by used to buy the brand’s merchandise.


Concert Live Streaming

Stream your live concert, audition or alblum release to your fans. Let your fans enjoy the concert on any pervasive device!


Sell in the event

Let your fans enjoy the concert and shop for your merchandise at the same time. It is instantaneous!